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Beatrice, Melissa and Greta Calvetti, designers and creative directors at Melissa srl

from THE SKETCH to production, WE OFFER MADE IN Tuscany QUALITY

One of the distinctive features of our all-female company is our ongoing collaboration with clients in generating unique designs and in our work with trained designers to generate products and ideas that are beautiful, desirable and in keeping with the latest fashions.
Each piece we make, therefore, has it's own shape and individuality: ideal for customers looking for special and personalised items.
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Machining and engraving on a range of materials

The ancient art of engraving on leather has been lovingly embraced by Melissa srl, thanks to the passion and craftsmanship of our skilled craftsmen who can create any image design, and personalise every request through a direct collaboration with the customer. Working with traditional techniques hasn't stopped us however, from keeping up to date with the times and the fashions of the moment. With the use of modern technologies such as lasers, engraving tools and digital printing, Melissa srl products have become ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal, modern and of the moment.

The latest innovations and trends in our production

Bracelets, Brooches, Flowers, Insects, Belts, Chains, Buckles, Shoulder straps, Handles, Clasps, Pendants, Trimmings, Bags, Necklaces and more... The possibilities are endless! Contact us to discuss your unique design wishes today.

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